iOS Mail

Outlook is the mail client that is part of the Microsoft Office suite.

The following examples are based on a fictive user account with user name hmuster, first name Hans and last name Muster. Please replace all occurrences in text that you copy with your real email account information. Students must also change to


This setup guide uses profiles for the setup. This makes the setup easier but profiles are not stored in the backup of an iOS device. If you restore an iOS device from the backup, you will have to repeat the steps below.

To set up an iOS device open the following URL in the browser:

step 1Tap on Continue.

step 2Authenticate with your ETH user name and mail service password.

step 3Tap on for ETH Zurich.

step 4Tap on Exchange: Active Sync.

step 5Tap on Install.

step 6Tap on Install Now.

step 7Enter your email address.

step 8Enter d\ followed by your ETH user name.

step 9Enter your ETH password for email.

step 10Tap on Done. The Mail app is now set up with your nethz mailbox.

Have a better example configuration? Are these instructions wrong or outdated? Please let us know.

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