Video Conferencing

To support communication in teams we provide alternative video conferencing to Zoom and Teams.

  • All solutions run in the web browser.
  • All communication is encrypted.
  • No authentication is required and therefore can easily be used to communicate with external people too.
  • No password protection but the URL shared among meeting participants can have a secret component.

Only Google Chrome (or Chromium based browsers) and iOS Safari are know to work reliably for all. Please make sure that all participants use a suitable browser before the event.


New meetings are started at

by choosing an unguessable room name. The URL can then be shared with participants. On mobile devices use the Jitsi app for better video quality and usability.

Work Adventure

Work Adventure is suitable for events like virtual lunches, breaks or similar social events. Participants can walk around and ad hoc talk in small groups or join into Jitsi meetings at dedicated locations. Playing audio and video as well as pop-up messages are also possible.

A dedicated room can be crafted from the following URLs by replacing XXX with a unguessable name: Building, 4 Jitsi rooms Forest/beach, 3 Jitsi rooms

It is possible to design your own maps and host them on a web server of your choice. We will broaden the choice of maps in the future.

If you observe artefacts or graphics errors then please resize your browser window a few pixels until they vanish.

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