CNB D 102 is a private lab with 37 computers. isginf operates the computers in the lab but not the research infrastructure or the other labs in the same wing.

A valid booking is required for using the workstation in this lab.

Participating Research Groups

The lab is for exclusive use by students of the following research groups:

Access to the lab is managed by the administrative assistants of the participating research groups (see below).

Anybody who enters the lab must first sign the Lab Usage Agreement. The door to the lab must be kept closed at all times.

Booking and Using the Workstations

Information on everything starting with the reservation and ending with the student leaving the lab are all documented for all involved parties:


For technical support please contact our service desk

For administrative matters and access please contact the respective administrative assistant in the list below:

Group Administrative AssistantSorted ascending
Prof. Pollefeys, Marc Ayse Johannes (
Prof. Mattern, Friedemann Barbara von Allmen Wilson (
Prof. Sorkine-Hornung, Olga Danielle Luterbacher (
Prof. Tang, Siyu Danielle Luterbacher (
Prof. Gross, Markus Markus Portmann (
Prof. Coros, Stelian Monika Naegeli (
Prof. Hilliges, Otmar Monika Naegeli (

Current Bookings

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