IAM User Accounts

The ETH user accounts come in three different flavors, each with its own restrictions.

Personal Accounts

A personal ETH user account is given to all students and all staff members of ETH automatically. The account is valid for the duration of the matriculation or contract.

Please note:

  • The account of students and staff with permanent contract has no end date set. This will be set shortly before the student finishes or staff members quit.
  • A personal account can be converted to a guest but not while the contract or matriculation is still valid.

Guest Accounts

Guest accounts can be created for external collaborators. As of July 2023 this has to be done in ETHIS by an adminstrative assistant and approved by a professor. The guest accounts are valid for up to one year and need to be actively renewed.

It is also possible to convert a personal IAM into an IAM guest account when people leave ETH but still need access to resources at ETH. The process is the same for new guests.

Please note:

  • Guest accounts cannot have or keep a mailbox.

Day Guest

For guests that only need WLAN access for a few days the easiest is to create a day guest.

Mail Forward

Former D-INFK members who only need a mail forward from their former @inf.ethz.ch addresses do not need a full guest account. A mail forward is sufficient and can be self-managed by the owner of the mail address to which the mail is forwarded.

Technical Accounts

Technical accounts are used for system accounts that are not bound to a person. Valid scenarios include:

  • mailbox for an event or a contact mail address
  • WLAN / VPN account for a device
  • user account for a web site

Technical accounts are bound to the department and can only be created by isginf upon request.

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