IT Coordinator Meetings

isginf holds regular meetings with all ITCs every four months or so. The goal of these meetings is to inform about changes to the IT landscape of ETH, ongoing projects and to meet face to face once in a while.

ITCs can find the slides of all previous meetings here.

Open Source Software

Many of the clever tools we write are made available to the world as open source on our public GitHub site at

Most of the stuff is only interesting for hard-core sysadmins.

Solutions for D-INFK and ETH

Some software we developed ourselves is also available for use by D-INFK research groups or other departments at ETH:

TWiki adapted for the new ETH web layout. Used for this website and many others. Instructions for using it yourself can be found here.
MRBS adapted for the new ETH web layout. Used at
Out booking system for resources. Used for and

If you are interested in running any of these in your organization then contact Stefan Walter.

Activities at ETH

We also actively participate in various IT related activities at ETH:

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