Cluster Computing

isginf provides and manages a few services and resources related to cluster and distributed computing.


The Department of Computer Science has two shares on the Leonhard cluster, one for students doing courses requiring GPUs and one for D-INFK research groups that can use the idle time of the student share. More information can be found here.

Hadoop / Spark

isginf offers to install and manage Hadoop / Spark clusters using Ambari for the research groups of D-INFK.

Data Center Observatory

The Data Center Observatory (DCO) is a joint research project of EPFL, ETH Zurich and USI.

The DCO cluster consists of 176 compute nodes, each with two eight-core CPUs, 128GB RAM, a 100GB and 200GB SSD and a 2TB HDD. The nodes are connected by two 96-port 10Gb Ethernet network switches. Also available are two fat nodes, each with four eight-core CPUs, 1536GB RAM and 5x800GB SSD forming a 4TB RAID0.


Members of D-INFK can contact their ITC to request a user account. ITCs contact isginf directly to get access and initial instructions.


The complete documentation can be found in the DCO Wiki, but requires an account to access.


The regular nodes of the cluster can be booked in blocks of eight with a fresh installation of the operating system of your choice. You will get root access to system to configure it as needed for the research you do. The fat nodes can be booked individually.

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