Server Rooms

Server rooms at ETH are managed by IT Services of ETH Zurich. isginf coordinates the used space in the server rooms assigned to the D-INFK. This space is also available to research groups to place their own servers or clusters.


Currently the D-INFK is present in the following server rooms:

Building Room Note
CAB CAB D 53.1 Rack-mountable servers only, for isginf and groups with special needs
CAB CAB D 56 Rack-mountable servers only, for hosted servers
LEE LEE A 206 Rack-mountable servers only, for hosted servers


Access to the server rooms is managed using the ETH card. To get permission fill out this form correctly and bring/send it to our service desk..

To access the room hold you card on the number pad next to the respective doors, enter the PIN and press the E key.


A few rules apply in all server rooms:

  • No smoking, drinking or eating.
  • All unpacking must be done outside.
  • Network and power cabling must be orderly.
  • Clean up after doing work there.
  • Turn off the lights if you are the last to leave.
  • Do not touch computers or other systems that do not belong you.
  • Always log out from the console when you leave.


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