A dedicated section of our warehouse in CAB E 42 is accessible to ITCs at all times. There they can:

  • Pick up ordered items instead of picking them up at our service desk during office hours.
  • Get often-used IT material such as cables, keyboards, adapters and the like from our self service drawer cabinet.


Access is granted using the ETH card.

Please note that the room is under video surveillance. Do not enter the area designated isginf only.

Pickup Area

cables.jpg Ordered items are put in the pickup area when delivered and can be picked up by ITCs. The items are labeled with the name of the person who ordered them.

platformtruck.jpg Heavy items or large orders are placed on the platform trucks for easy transport.

Please return the platform truck once you have unloaded the items at their destination.

Self Service

selfservice.jpg Various items can be picked up from the self-service drawer cabinet:

  • network cables (2/3/5/7/10m)
  • power cables
  • power extension cords
  • international power adapters (D-CH and US-CH)
  • power outlet strips
  • keyboards (CH and US)
  • mice
  • USB cables
  • various monitor cables and adapters (VGA, DVI, HDMI, DP, etc.)
  • hard drives

cables.jpg Network cables in various lengths can also be found in the grey boxes above the pickup area.

Many items are for free except for the expensive ones that have a price sticker. When you pick up items with a price then please note the item, price and quantity in the green folder on the sheet for your group.

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