Mailing Lists

The information provided here is for mailing list administrators.

Important Settings

If you have just received your new mailing list then we recommend to look at least through the following options in the administrative interface to optimally configure your list:

General Options

Set the maximum allowed message size. Set to 0 to use the server limit which is 20MB.

Privacy options » Subscription rules

Advertise the list on or not.
Allow people to subscribe themselves or not.
Allow members or only the list owner to see who is registered.

Privacy options » Sender filters

Moderate messages from new members just accept them.
What to do with messages from non-members.

Privacy options » Recipient filters

How many To: and CC: can be in a posting before it gets held for moderation.

Bounce processing

Recommended value here is 180 and should only be lowered for lists with constantly high traffic.

Archiving Options

Select if the archive is public or private.

Umbrella Lists

Umbrella lists are mailing lists that contain other mailing lists. These are tricky to configure right so we recommend to contact our service desk to set these up correctly.

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