Lending Items

The service desk has a small stock of items not managed by our booking system that can be lent and returned by all D-INFK staff members during opening hours:

Count Item Description
1 hotplug USB to SATA adapter for 2.5" and 3.5" disks with additional eSATA connector
1 40/44 pin IDE to USB adapter
3 5-port gigabit ethernet switch
1 USB 3.5" HD case with 1TB disk
1 Stereo speaker set

Please note that these items are only for short lending. For pickup please be sure that you carry your ETH card (student or staff ID) for identification if you are not an IT Coordinator.


A small stock of cables and power adapters is also available for short lending:

  • USB cables
  • firewire cables
  • display cables
  • power cables (laptop and PC)
  • power supplies (Lenovo, Apple)

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