Corona Tracing QR Code Generator

Fill in the form below with data to generate a QR code with fields of the D-INFK Corona Tracing form already filled in. Please note:

  • First and last name, email address and phone number are remembered in cookies already so you do not absolutely need to encode these. Do not put the QR code in a public place if any of these are part of the code.
  • The date is automatically set to today if left empty.
  • The start time is set to now rounded up to the next five minutes if left empty.
  • The end time is set to start time plus one hour if left empty.

Save the generated code as image or print it out. People fond of command line utilities may also want to have a look at this tool made by group Perrig.

First name John
Last name Doe
E-mail address
Private phone number 079 555 1234
Building CAB
Floor E
Room 48
Date 31.12.2020 (must be DD.MM.YYYY)
Presense start 07:00 (must be MM:HH)
Presense end 18:00 (must be MM:HH)

QR Code


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