This topic contains the necessary information for how to run Jupyter notebooks on the student cluster.

Jupyter Hub

Jupyter notebooks should be started through the JupyterHub at

Course Environments

After signing in you can start one of the provided environments for your courses or use your own (see below). Depending on the course you have access to one GPU or not. Each course comes with it's own time budget available to you.

DIY Environment

You can set up your own environment on one of the login nodes. Simply run the following script:


This will create a minimal Jupyter environment in the folder jupyter in your home directory. To use the environment use the full path to the bin folder in that directory as the custom environment path.

Adding Packages

To add additional packages simply activate the environment:

. ~/jupyter/bin/activate

After that use pip --no-cache-dir to install any python package that you need. If you install PyTorch or modules requiring Cuda then follow the instructions here.

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