Known Issues

External monitor shows bad image quality

Sometimes macOS detects an external monitor as TV and uses YCbCr signaling instead of RGB. The issue is described in more details here.

If this happens for you then please download the file for your monitor from the table below and copy it to the right location:

El Capitan and newer
/System/Library/Displays/Contents/Resources/Overrides/DisplayVendorID-{vendor code from table below}/
Yosemite or older
/System/Library/Displays/Overrides/DisplayVendorID-{vendor code from table below}/

The directory DisplayVendorID-XXXX most likely does not exist in Overrides and must be created. Reboot your system after installing the file.

If your screen is not listed then please contact isginf to update this topic with a new file for your monitor.

Monitor Vendor File
Philips 272P4 410c (DisplayVendorID-410c) DisplayProductID-8c5

Problems with Philips Monitor 258B6

If you are among the users who have Mac with USB C port, before using the docking display of the Philips Monitor 258B6, ensure to install this driver in order to work smoothly on the Ethernet.

On page 6 of the corresponding manual you can find more information about how to install this driver.

802.1x authentication error

See HelpNetworkClientSetupMacOS

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