Personal Home Page

Every member of the Department of Computer Science is entitled to a personal home page at. The URL of your personal home page is<login>

where <login> is replaced with your nethz user name.


To edit your personal home page in a linux shell environment you can log in (via SSH) to the host using your ETH user name and mail service password. The directory public_html in the home directory is the directory shown under The index file name is either index.htm or index.php.

The home directory can also be accessed via CIFS/SMB at \\\user (more information here). For publishing using publishing software we recommend to use SFTP to to upload your content.

Features and Limitations

You can use PHP5 and connect to external databases.

You are limited to 2GB of storage for all the files in your web home directory.


You may put up any content that is not in conflict with the BOT on your personal home page.

We recommend that you put papers and important information related to your research on the website of the group or institute. Your personal home page will eventually be deleted while websites will typically last significantly longer.

Life Cycle

Your personal home page is automatically created when you start working at the D-INFK. It is also automatically deleted when your ETH user account expires.

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