Cost Centre

Every organizational unit at ETH has its own cost center which is a five-digit number. The numbers for the D-INFK can be looked up here. ITCs should best remember the number for their group.

In the ETH user name database the cost centre of the affiliated organizational unit of each user can be looked up. This information is used for a number of automation processes:

  • user account management
  • IT shop
  • access to private VPN realm

Organizational Unit (OU)

Each research group is considered an organizational unit (OU) which has independent IT resources. Your OU is relevant for many aspects of the IT management of your group:

  • user accounts
  • storage
  • version control

Please find more details on your OU here.

Funds Number

A funds number is an account number for the ETH finance system. Your professor has at least one funds used to pay for various things:

  • IT shop purchases
  • hardware

Ask your administrative assistant for details on which fund to use for purchases.

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