Personal Home Page Migration

All personal home pages that do not use PHP and have no .htaccess files are automatically migrated by isginf to a new web server in November 2022. This topic explains the recommended order of steps for those users with personal home pages that isginf cannot migrate automatically for them.

All of the steps require you to log in to using SSH. Your home directory there is the new one which should be empty. Your old web home directory is under /home-old/login where login is your ETH user name. Alternatively it is also accessible via SMB/CIFS, the share name is \\\www-data\oldweb\home\login.

The old login server can be reached as if you still need it.

People who have been informed by isginf need to complete the steps below no later than December 18th 2022.

1. Copy Data to New Home Directory

Run the command


This script will copy over your old home directory under /home-old/[your login] to /home/[your login] and make come additional changes

  • Ownership is set to you.
  • Permissions are set correctly that the web server can only read all files in public_html.

Do not make files in public_html writable for the web server, any other user with a personal home page can otherwise overwrite your files.

If you need to make files and directories writable then use the web_allow_write_access command to make just the necessary files writable. Run web_allow_write_access -h for help.

2. Check and Upgrade PHP Files

Please read on here for this step.

3. Check and Manually Fix .htaccess Files

Please read on here for this step.

4. Test New Pages

The new copy can be tested at[your login]

before it becomes live. Please check all documents thoroughly.

5. Activate New Pages

When you are done and your new home page renders properly on[your login] then run the following command:


After that, the new copy is the live one at[your login]

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