The Time Machine backup service consists of a Web Interface for management and an AFP service for accessing the backup from macOS. Both have specific access restrictions.

Backup Share

The recommended share path for normal use (with the credentials created on Web Interface) is


which allows Time Machine backup from anywhere in the ETH network, including VPN. AFP is not safe for use over the internet. When not at ETH make sure that you have configured and are using VPN on your Mac.


Encrypting the Time Machine backup is recommended in any case. When encryption is enabled neither isginf nor somebody listening on the network can get the data in the backup. Time Machine uses FileVault when encrypting the backup.

Web Interface

Access to the web interface is not restricted and is safe to use over the internet. Use your ETH user name and password to log in.

When abroad do not log in to the web interface from unsafe computers such as hotel or conference surf stations or internet coffee shop.

Restore on a new macOS

  • If your backup was encrypted, ensure your have the encryption password.
  • Start Migration Assistant from a new macOS.
  • Choose "Time Machine" and then the "Other Server..." option.
  • Type in the address of the server: afp:// (with '/' at the end!)
  • Login with the credentials created on Web Interface
  • Choose your backup volume.

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