All rooms below can be booked at

Click on the links for each room below for details.

Seminar Rooms

The Department of Computer Science has two seminar rooms that are also usable for meetings can be booked by all D-INFK members without restrictions:

These rooms are open to students for learning when there is no reservation.

Group Meeting Rooms

The following meeting rooms of groups and institutes also open to all D-INFK members but access may be restricted:

  • CAB D 78 (08:00 - 18:00 on business days)
  • CAB G 15.2 (door locked, any office key can open it)

Please take note of these restrictions before you make a reservation. There is no guarantee that you can access certain rooms outside the allowed time.

You are a guest in the above meeting rooms (unless the meeting room belongs to your group or institute). Please behave accordingly, clean up after yourself and respect the restrictions that may apply.

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