Wired Network

UTP plugs are available in (almost) every room in the buildings where the D-INFK has people. These plugs are used both for data and telephony.

You cannot plug in a computer into a UTP configured for telephony and vice versa.

Contact your IT Coordinator or isginf to get network cables to connect your computer.


A UTP is not necessarily active. Please contact your IT Coordinator or isginf if you need a UTP plug patched.

Unused UTP plugs will be detached after a few months to save up switch ports.

Fixed IP

For desktops computers and for fast networking on laptops we usually give out a fixed IP address with a DNS host name and DHCP entry for automatic configuration.

Please contact your IT Coordinator or isginf to get a fixed IP address for your computer.

Public Docking

UTP plugs in public rooms are configured for docking. After connecting a device, you can either start VPN or authenticate yourself on the landing page in a browser.


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