The following list shows the model of the printer at each location and who is responsible for paper and toner. These building maps show the location of all printers in the D-INFK buildings.

Printer Name Model Location Contact
p-cab-hp010 MFP E77830z CAB E 61.1 (outside) Thomas Schmid
p-cab-hp011 MFP E67660z CAB G 69.2 (outside) Rita Klute
p-cab-hp009 MFP E67660z CAB D 75.2 Martin Sedler
p-cab-f-17-1 MP C3003SP CAB F 17.1 Jan Lichtensteiger
p-cab-f-51-1 MP C305SP CAB F 51.1 (outside) Patricia Kilchhofer
p-cab-f-64 MP C3003SP CAB F 64 (outside) Mirjam Roesli
p-cab-f-78 MP C3003SP CAB F 78 Claudia Guenthart
p-cab-f-85-2 MP C3003SP CAB F 85.2 (outside) Shancong Yu
p-cab-g-19-1 MP C3003SP CAB G 19.1 (outside) Andrea Salow
p-cab-g-38 MP C305SP CAB G 38 (outside) Andrea Salow
p-cab-g-41 MP C307 CAB G 41 (outside) Selina O'Kerwin
p-cab-g-66-1 MP C3003SP CAB E 65.1 Rita Klute
p-cab-g-85-2 MP C305SP CAB G 85.2 (outside) Markus Portmann
p-cab-h-15-2 MP C305SP CAB H 16 Claudia Guenthart
p-cab-h-36-2 MP C3003SP CAB H 36.2 (outside) Claudia Guenthart
p-cab-h-68 MP C3003SP CAB H 68 Sandra Schneider
p-cab-h-85-2 MP C305SP CAB H 85.2 (outside) Sandra Schneider
p-cab-j-21-1 MP C305SP CAB J 21.1 Andrea Salow
p-cab-j-71-4 MP C305SP CAB J 71.4 Sandra Schneider
p-cnb-hp001 MFP E67660z CNB D 102.1 Andrej Kopovoi
p-cnb-e-105 MP C3003SP CNB E 111 Barbara von Allmen Wilson
p-cnb-f-103-1 MP C3003SP CNB F 103.1 (outside) Barbara Pfändner
p-cnb-g-101 MP C3003SP CNB G 101 (outside) Markus Portmann (ISGINF#199708)
p-cnb-hp003 MFP E77830z CNB G 100.002 Markus Portmann
p-cnb-g-107-1 MP C305SP CNB G 107.1 Ayse Johannes
p-cnb-g-107.2 MP C305SP CNB G 107.2 Markus Portmann
p-cnb-hp002 MFP E77830z CNB H 112 Christian Rossi
p-ung-hp001 MFP E67660z UNG F 13 Stefan Dröschler
p-ung-g-13 MP C3003SP UNG G 13 Stefan Dröschler
p-std-h-22 MP C3504ex STD H 22 Manuel Kaufmann
p-stf-hp001 MFP E77830z STF H 364 Simonetta Zysset
p-stf-hp002 MFP E77830z STF G 264 Nadia Mouci
p-stf-hp003 MFP E77830z STF J 463.1 Nadia Mouci
p-stf-hp004 MFP E57540c STF K 511 Nadia Mouci
p-stf-hp005 MFP E78330 STF F 164 Markus Portmann
p-wwa-hp002 MFP E67660z WWA H 26 Florian Maushart
p-oas-hp001 MFP E77830z OAS J 27.1 Natalia Marciniak
p-oas-hp002 MFP E77830z OAS K 20.001 Patrizia Napoli

Printer Models

The primary difference between the models is that the MFP E77830z can print on A3 paper and is bigger than the MFP E57540c or MFP E67660z.

Pull Printing

Jobs printed to the pull printing printer card-ethz can be released on any of the printers above.

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