For Assistants and Supervisors

If you are supervising a student in the lab then please read the information below carefully.


Workstations in CNB D 102 and CNB D 102.4 must be booked by your administrative assistant for the duration of the students project.

The current policy is that each of the participating research groups is entitled to the following number of workstations at at any given time:

Prof. Gross, Markus 8
Prof. Pollefeys, Marc 8
Prof. Sorkine, Olga 8
Prof. Tang, Siyu 8

The additional 5 workstations act as buffer in case of increased demand.

If a research group uses too many workstations and the lab is full then conflicts are resolved by the head of IVC.

See the actual reservations in the following report:


For projects that do not require experimental gear you can also place master thesis students in the Master Thesis Lab.

Lab Usage Agreement and Lab Computer Usage Agreement

A student must sign the Lab Usage Agreement before being allowed in the lab. Both you and the student also have to sign the Lab Computer Usage Agreement if the student uses the computer at the booked workstation.

Please give both signed documents to you administrative assistant.


The ETH card is used to enter the lab. You can request access for your student (and yourself) online (in German only) at:

Please fill in the following fields of the form correctly:

Schlüsseldelegierter Select your administrative assistant
Gebäude CNB
Etage / Raum D 102

Your administrative assistant will authorize access but only after receiving the signed agreements.


The operating system of choice and applications can be installed by the student. Instructions are here and include information about backup too.

All computers are more or less the same. If for some experiments you need special hardware (GPU, I/O board, etc.) then your research group can purchase it. You or the student can install it after the reservation begins. Please do not forget to remove the hardware then the reservation ends.

Your Responsibilities

As supervisor your responsibilities are as follows:

  • You must ensure that the student makes a backup of local data or exclusively uses the student home directory.
  • You must ensure that any data on the computer is collected and given to you before the reservation ends. The computer will be reinstalled at the end of the reservation and all local data is lost.
  • You must make sure that the student leaves the workstation in a clean state. All experimental gear must be collected and stowed away.
  • If the computer was modified then you must make sure that it is returned to its default hardware configuration.

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