Course Material Repositories

The people responsible for each lecture and course of the D-INFK change sometimes, e.g. when another professor takes over a course. To help with the housekeeping of the course material isginf on request provides an SMB share and GitLab project (with a single GIT repository) for a course.

ITCs can contact isginf to create shares/projects for courses their researchers are doing and that are not yet in the list below.

These shares and repositories are for collaboration among the people who prepare and teach a course, not for sharing course material with the students. Use eDoz for this purpose.

Existing Course Material Repositories

Course SMB share Gitlab project Access Description
252-0832-00L \\\252-0832-00L INF-COURSES/252-0832-00L Change Informatik I D-MAVT
252-0570-00L \\\252-0570-00L INF-COURSES/252-0570-00L Change Game Programming Laboratory
252-5706-00L \\\252-5706-00L INF-COURSES/252-5706-00L Change Mathematical Foundations of Computer Graphics and Vision
252-5704-00L \\\252-5704-00L INF-COURSES/252-5704-00L Change Advanced Methods in Computer Graphics
264-5800-04L \\\264-5800-04L INF-COURSES/264-5800-04L Change Doctoral Seminar in Visual Computing

Access Control

Access to the share and GitLab project is controlled through an LDAP group containing plain ETH user name names. Click on the Change link in the Access column of the table above. To simplify the transfer of ownership any member of the group can add new members or remove existing ones, including themselves.

To access the GIT repository you need to login to and upload your SSH public key.

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