IT Coordinators

Every group has an IT Coordinator (ITC) who is the primary contact for IT related questions and issues for all members of the group and who is familiar with the groups IT infrastructure and the policies governing its usage. The ITC is the interface between a research group and isginf.

Administration and Infrastructure

Administration isginf  
Communications Office isginf  
Library Mirjam Roesli 27207
Thore Göbel
(restricted TWIKI only)
Lecturers Dave Avanthay
(restricted netcenter only)
Felix Friedrich
(restricted netcenter only)

Institute of Computer Systems

Laboratory for Software Technology
(Prof. T. Gross)
Remi Meier 28695
Advanced Computing Laboratory
(Prof. M. Püschel)

Institute of Theoretical Computer Science

Information Security and Cryptography
(Prof. U. Maurer)
Martin Hirt 27377
Combinatorial Structures and Algorithms
(Prof. A. Steger)
Asier Mujika Aramendia 27403
Theory of Combinatorial Algorithms
(Prof. E. Welzl, Prof. B. Gärtner)
Michael Hoffmann 27390
Algorithms, Data Structures and Applications (Prof. P. Widmayer, Prof. P. Arbenz) Stefano Leucci 27397
Theory of Distributed Systems
(Prof. M. Ghaffari)
Michael Hoffmann 27390

Institute for Computing Platforms

Information and Communication Systems Research Group (Prof. G. Alonso) Karel Kudlacek 27609
Ingo Müller
(backup, restricted netcenter only)
Network and Operating Systems
(Prof. T. Roscoe)
Karel Kudlacek 27609
Roni Häcki
(backup only)
Network Design and Architecture Lab
(Prof. A. Singla)
Karel Kudlacek 27609
Vojislav Dukic 27822
Data Sciences, Data Systems, and Data Services (Prof. C. Zhang) Karel Kudlacek 27609
Bojan Karlas
(backup only)

Institute for Pervasive Computing

Advanced Interactive Technologies
(Prof. O. Hilliges)
Seonwook Park 27991
Manuel Kaufmann 26136
Sammy Christen 44632
Distributed Systems Research Group
(Prof. F. Mattern)
Mihai Bâce 38737
Lukas Burkhalter 20862
Computational Robotics Lab
(Prof. S. Coros)
James Bern 20997

Institute of Visual Computing

Computer Graphics Laboratory (Prof. M. Gross) Rafael Wampfler 37938
Computer Vision and Geometry Group
(Prof. M. Pollefeys)
Sandro Lombardi 29438
Petri Tanskanen 28226
Interactive Geometry Lab
(Prof. O. Sorkine-Hornung)
Oliver Glauser 20657

Institute of Information Security

Information Security (Prof. D. Basin) Ivan Puddu 30608
Saskia Wolf
(restricted netcenter only)
Applied Cryptography (Prof. K. Paterson) -  
System Security Group (Prof. S. Čapkun) Ivan Puddu 30608
Saskia Wolf
(restricted netcenter only)
Network Security Group (Prof. A. Perrig) Mateusz Kowalski 20169
Piet De Vaere 14463
Ilona Wettstein
(restricted netcenter only)

Institute for Machine Learning

Information Science and Engineering
(Prof. J. Buhmann)
Andrew An Bian 39375
Djordje Miladinovic 29842
Data Analytics
(Prof. T. Hofmann)
Yannic Kilcher 24357
Learning and Adaptive Systems
(Prof. A. Krause)
Zalan Borsos 24389
Biomedical Informatics Group
(Prof. G. Rätsch)
Marc Zimmermann 28604
Chris Barber 14463
Andre Kahles 29067
Medical Data Science
(Prof. J. Vogt)
Kieran Chin-Cheong 38859

Chair of Information Technology and Education

Information Technology and Education
(Prof. J. Hromkovic)
Jan Lichtensteiger 28517

Institute for Programming Languages and Systems

Programming Methodology (Prof. P. Müller) Vytautas Astrauskas
Secure, Reliable, and Intelligent Systems Lab (Prof. M. Vechev) Pavol Bielik 38987
Advanced Software Technologies Lab (Prof. Zhendong Su ) Pinjia He

Institute for High Performance Computing Systems

Scalable Parallel Computing
(Prof. T. Hoefler)
Timo Schneider 39315
Karel Kudlacek 27609
Salvatore Di Girolamo 20146
SAFARI Group (Prof. O. Mutlu) Hasan Hassan 28552

External Groups and Collaborations

Disney Research Lab Zurich
(Prof. M. Gross)
Andreas Baumann 38289
Marios Papas 29487
Linda Breu 29286
Game Technology Center
(Prof. M. Gross)
Fabio Zuend 25298
Media Technology Center
(Prof. M. Gross)
Ribin Chalumattu
(restricted netcenter only)
Swiss Data Science Center Jiri Kuncar 20913

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