If you do not regularly read emails in your ETH mailbox, we strongly recommend to set a mail forward to a mail address you actually read. This applies particularly to guests and D-INFK members who get to keep their ETH account.

You can activate the forwarding of email at » meine Services » Mailbox.

If you do not read mails to your ETH mailbox regularly, we strongly recommend to set up a forward to a mailbox that you regularly access.

Permanent Forward when leaving ETH

Former D-INFK members can request a permanent forward of their ETH email addresses to an external email address when they leave ETH. In this case, after the mail account will expire (no mail reading or sending), mails to your ETH email will be redirected to the external email address. Only addresses can be forwarded, not technical addresses (

Please contact our service desk if you need this.

The conversion will be done only after the employment or matriculation has ended and the IAM mail service has an expiration date.

Update Forward

This type of forward can be kept current at

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