D-INFK members can create personal projects by themselves. For group projects contact your ITC. For projects for lectures and courses contact our service desk.

Importing Existing Repositories

Instructions for importing existing Git or Subversion repositories into GitLab projects can be found here.

Repository Size Restriction

The maximum repository size is 1GB, if this limit is reached further commits are impossible.

To solve the issue you can move large binary data to LFS. Please note that LFS also has a size restriction of 10GB.


When collaborating with other users you can grant access to other users, IAM and external.

All members and students of the D-INFK already have an account on GitLab. Other people can just log in to once using their ETH user name and ETH password for web applications to create an account.

When adding members to a project you can search for the ETH user name of the person.

External Users

External users can use a Google or GitHub account for authentication.

An external user can go to, select the Standard authentication tab and login. Authentication is done using the OAuth service of the used account.

When searching an external user for granting access you have to use the complete account id (<identity> or <identity> for unique identification.

An external user must login once before that user can be added to a project.

SSH Keys

All users can upload one or more ssh public keys to access the Git repositories.

Continuous Integration

Guides for setting up automatic testing or building can be found here.

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