As a guest of the Department of Computer Science, you are probably not familiar with the IT infrastructure and services of ETH Zurich. The information on this page should help you to get started.

Your Contact Person

As a guest of one of the departments research groups or centers, you should already be in contact with at least someone in that research group. For IT related questions you can also contact the IT Coordinator of the research group.

Guest Account

Depending on what your collaboration with the Department of Computer Science requires, you will receive a guest account with either network only or full access:

Service Network only Full Access
WIFI, VPN, wired docking network X X
Mailbox with forwarding option   X
Authentication to ETH websites and services   X

Access to IT Infrastructure of a Research Group

If access to the IT infrastructure of the hosting research group is needed, then this will be set up and explained by the IT Coordinator. You will also get a user account that is valid on the relevant systems.


Guest accounts are valid for up to one year and can be renewed thereafter. A notification email will be sent to your email address before the account expires.

If your guest account expires and is still needed, then please get in touch with your contact person in the research group; the IT Coordinator or the professor.

Changing or Resetting the Password

You can change the password(s) of your guest account at Authenticate with your current password. Click on Passwort ändern in the top left to start the password change wizard.

If you have forgotten your password then please get in touch with your contact person in the research group, the IT Coordinator or the professor. After verification you will get a password reset URL.

Getting Help

For IT related issues you are encouraged to check out the help and support section on our website. If you are on-campus you can come to our service desk or contact us by sending an email to

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