Red Hat Enterprise Linux

isginf offers to manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server (RHELS) installations on server hardware.


The configuration is centrally managed and can be customized to your needs:

  • users and groups
  • firewall
  • installed software
  • running services

Root Access

Access to the root account on the server is available for performing performing certain management tasks.


By default the following directories are backed up on a server:

  • /etc
  • /local
  • /opt
  • /var
  • /root
  • /export (if present)

Additional directories are backed up on requested. Please note that there are limitations on the amount of data that can be backed up.

Compute servers with a workstation installation are not backed up.


By default the following resources and functions of a server are monitored:

What Alert when
Overall network access not reachable
SSH access no login prompt
Space on local file systems 80% full
Critical system services running not running
Number of processes more than 300 processes
Free memory all RAM used and only 30% swap left
Load average more than 15 in 1 minute, 5 in 5 minutes and 1.25 in 15 minutes

Additional mission-critical functions and resources can be monitored on request. In case of an alert in the monitoring isginf will contact the server owner or ITC.

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