Microsoft Windows

isginf offers to manage Microsoft Windows Server including Remote Desktop Services on server hardware.


The configuration is managed through the Active Directory Group Policies and can be customized to your needs.

Administrator Access

Administrative rights can be granted by simply contacting isginf or requesting it in the server request form. Rights can be either assigned to a ETH user name account or the local user account.

If the system breaks due to modifications you made as an administrator, isginf will only spend a moderate effort to fix it. After that we will simply re-install the system.


By default the following resources and functions of a server are monitored:

What Alert when
Overall network access not reachable
Space on local file systems 80% full
Free memory 90% RAM used
Load higher then 90%

Additional mission-critical functions and resources can be monitored on request. In case of an alert in the monitoring isginf will contact the server owner or ITC.

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