For Administrative Assistants

The following tasks of the lab management are done by the administrative assistants of the participating research groups:

Lab Usage Agreement

All members of the group (except the professors), all students, guests and other people have to sign the Lab Usage Agreement before they are allowed in the lab. The signed document has to be kept on file by the group administration.

Lab Computer Usage Agreement

A copy of the Lab Computer Usage Agreement, signed by both the supervisor and the student, is required for undergraduate students (or any non-group-member) using a workstation in the lab. The signed document has to be kept on file by the group administration.

Lab Access

Access to the lab by ETH card for groups members should only be authorized in ETHIS after the signed Lab Usage Agreement and Lab Computer Usage Agreement (if applicable) has been handed in.

Access for students has to be requested by the supervisor as described here.


Workstations in CNB D 102 and CNB D 102.4 must be booked for the duration of the students project.

The current policy is that each of the participating research groups is entitled to the following number of workstations at at any given time:

Prof. Gross, Markus 8
Prof. Pollefeys, Marc 8
Prof. Sorkine, Olga 8
Prof. Tang, Siyu 8

The additional 5 workstations act as buffer in case of increased demand.

If a research group uses too many workstations and the lab is full then conflicts are resolved by the head of IVC.

Please book the seat for your student yourself at:

After selecting the date range for the booking a workstation will be automatically selected. On the same page the maximum number of bookings by your research group for the selected date range is displayed.

You and the student will also receive mails when the booking starts and shortly before it ends.

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