If you are a student who has been assigned a workstation in CAB E 81 then read the below carefully.

The computer must be re-installed before usage.


All computers are set up to boot over the network and present an installation menu when powered on. The default is to boot the operating system currently installed.

The installer requires you to authenticate with your ETH user name to verify that you are entitled to install the computer.

Before the installation is possible you will need to accept the terms and conditions which are sent to you by e-mail before the reservation starts.

Managed Operating Systems

After installing any of the managed operating systems (Windows, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu Linux) you can log in with your ETH user name. All managed operating systems are set up to use your student home directory just like in our public student computer labs.


All data stored on the computer is NOT BACKED UP by default. If you are not exclusively using your student home directory then you must take care of the backup of any important data on the computer.

For the duration of the reservation you can use our Windows and Linux Client Backup Service and back up up to 50GB of data. If you need more then please contact our service desk.

Additional Software

On the Linux installations additional software can be installed using the GNOME package manager (e.g., Applications » System Tools » Application Installer on Red hat Enterprise Linux 7). Only packages from the available software channels can be installed.

Additional software for Windows can be requested from our service desk.

Multi-boot Installation

Multi-boot installation is not supported. Instead we recommend to use VirtualBox and run additional operating systems in a virtual machine.


A printer in CAB E 81 is available. Instructions for printing are the same as for the public student labs.

Special Needs

For some projects you may need Administrator or root privileges or a custom operating system installation. This is possible but only if your assistant agrees and the project requirements justify the additional support effort.

If this is the case then print out this agreement, have your assistant fill out the designated blanks and sign it, sign it yourself and bring it to our service desk along with your student ID.

Manual Operating System Installation

After signing the agreement you can install a broad variety of free operating systems using NETBOOT.XYZ yourself. Please use the following configuration for any of these operating systems:

  • Use DHCP for the setup of the networtk adapter.
  • Enable automatic updates, at least of the security updates.


If the computer is not working then please contact our service desk.

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