Currently the public student labs are equipped with the following PCs:

  • Lenovo ThinkCentre M900z All-in-One Desktop
    • Integrated 23.8" anti-glare screen with touch
    • 512GB SSD
    • 16GB RAM
    • 3.4GHz i7-6700 quad core CPU
    • Card reader
    • Transformer stand (13°-90°)
    • Bi-directional display port
    • NVIDIA GeForce 930M, 2GB RAM
    • No camera, no DVD

Using the NVIDIA Card under Linux

The GeForce 930M is integrated using the NVIDIA Optimus technology. The primary video card is the integrated Intel Iris Graphics.

To to force and application or command to use the NVIDIA card or environment it has to be started through the optirun command. See below for some examples:

Compile the CUDA Examples

# Copy the examples in /usr/cuda/samples to your home directory because /usr is not writeable
cp -a /usr/cuda/samples ~/samples
cd ~/samples
optirun make

Run a CUDA Sample

optirun ~/samples/bin/release

Run Firefox with Accellerated Flash

optirun firefox

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