Linux in the Public Student Labs

Information specific to the Ubuntu Linux installed in the public student labs can be found below.

Additionally there are login servers available for remote access that are running 24/7.

Home Directory

Your ETH home directory (provided by IT Services of ETH Zurich) is used to store your home directory.

A directory infk/Linux is automatically created in the top of your NAS home directory. This directory is accessible as /nas/login (login is your ETH user name) and used as your home directory on Linux installations in the student labs at the D-INFK.


The home directory is currently only accessible by the owner.

Access to Entire NAS Home Directory

Your entire NAS home directory can be accessed at /dfs/login (login is your ETH user name).


Your NAS home directory is accessed via CIFS. CIFS has some important limitations compared to a real POSIX filesystem:

  • Upper and lower case characters are the same (Text.TXT is the same file as text.txt).
  • The following characters are mapped to special unicode characters and may not display correctly when the files are accessed under Windows: < > ? * / \ " `
  • Hardlinks are not supported

Local Disk Space

Free disk space usable by anyone is available under /local on each Linux installation. If you put data there please remove it when you do not need it anymore. Data you put there may be lost at any point of time when we reinstall the workstation.

Installed Software

Over 2500 software packages are installed providing hundreds of desktop and command line applications and tools. Please browse the applications menu of your desktop or use dpkg -l on the command line to list all packages.

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