Starting with the sprint semester 2024 the JupyterHub service has been incorporated into our student cluster.

ISG offers to run instances of JupyterHub for classes. An instance will run on a single dedicated host server and is accessible at https://[coursename].jupyter.inf.ethz.ch via HTTPS and SSH.

Managing TAs get full control over the the python and anaconda of their instance as well as the configuration and can upload notebooks to a shared folder visible in the folder list of each student. Access via SSH for students is also possible.

Management and Customization

Head TAs and TAs with management privileges can find instructions how to do what here.


Because there are limited resources all instances come with session culling that will terminate servers of users with no activity for four hours to free up memory.


All host servers automatically boot every Sunday at 00:00 to install and activate updates. Reboots at other times for urgent updates are coordinated with the head TAs or done when there are no servers active. </strike?

Page URL: https://www.isg.inf.ethz.ch/bin/view/Main/ServicesTeachingSupportJupyterhub
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