The Department of Computer Science (D-INFK) uses the campus-wide mail service based on Microsoft Exchange provided by IT Services of ETH Zurich. isginf provides first-level support for the service to D-INFK members.

Mail Account

A mail account is required to both read and send mail. Your personal mail account is part of the IAM mail service of your ETH user account.

Access to the mail service always requires authentication using your ETH user name and ETH password for email.

Junk Mail and Virus Filtering

All incoming mails are scanned for junk mail and viruses. Mails containing viruses are deleted.

More details on tuning the SPAM filter can be found here.

Quota and Size Restrictions

Mail accounts of D-INFK members and guests typically have a quota of 5GB, students have 200MB. Your mail quota and usage can be verified here.

Please use your mailbox in a considerate way, storage on the mail servers is not infinite. Delete old mails or archive them to a local folder from time to time.

Address Book

Use the following configuration to use the ETH address book in your mail application:

Parameter Insecure (Anonymous)
Port 389
Base DN / Search Base o=ethz,c=ch
Bind DN -
Password -
(Scope) Subtree / sub

Restoring deleted mails

There are means to recover mails that were accidentally deleted:

  • Mails that were simply deleted are in Deleted Items folder and can be moved back in any IMAP or MAPI mail client.
  • Permanently deleted mails are available for recovery for 30 days. In the web mail client right-click over Deleted Items and select Recover Deleted Items to see if the mails are recoverable.
  • Mails older than 30 days are archived in the mail archive and can be recovered from there.

Entire mail boxes can be restored by the ITS service desk.


The Exchange server incorporates a virus scanner that will remove suspicious attachments. Attachments may also be removed due to size restrictions.

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