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The guide printer with macOS shows how to set up a printer with ETH Printer App.

  • Install "HP all models" driver from Drivers section once.
  • Use "ETH Printers Beta with IPP App" from ETH Printers (all printers) section.

The names of the D-INFK printers and their location can be found in this list.

See also the known issues, when the new HP printer prints GrayScale by default or pauses every time.

Obsolete: Manual Setup (not for HP printers!)

step 0

Download the printer drivers and install them once.
You need to do this only once for the first printer.
  • Take optional drivers for MacOS 10 (Catalina and earlier).
  • The recommended drivers are: :

Printer Recommended Drivers Optional drivers
MP C3003SP, card-ethz and card-stud RICOH MP C3003 PS NRG MP C3003 PS
MP C305SP Aficio MP C305 PS NRG MP C305 PS

step 1

Choose the Print & Scan settings in System Preferences.

step 2

Verify that the lock is unlocked and then click on the + button.

step 2

Hold the CTRL key and click on the toolbar. Choose Customize Toolbar… in the popup.

step 3

Drag the Advanced button on the toolbar and Click on Done when done.

step 4

Click on the new Advanced button in the toolbar.

step 5

Set Type to Windows printer via spools and URL to smb:// followed by the printer name which can be found in the list of D-INFK printers.

Set Name and Location fields as you see fit.
  • Choose Select Software… in Print Using (or Use) and select the printer driver and click OK.
  • If you can not see the NRG MP Drivers, check if you downloaded and installed them already.

Click Add to finish adding the printer. The installation process may take a while.

Default Printer

step 6

Set Default Printer to either the printer of your choice or Last Printer Used.


step 7

Select the printer and click on Options & Supplies…. Select the Options tab in the new window.

step 8
Set the installable options. For the MP C3003SP printer these are:
  • Options Tray: Tray 3 (LCT)
  • Finisher: Finisher 3150
These options should also be set for card-ethz and card-stud.

For the MP C305SP use:
  • Options Tray: Tray 2 and 3
Click OK to apply the changes.


step 8

When you print to the printer for the first time you will need to authenticate. Check Remember this password in my keychain to save the password. Enter ETH user name and your ETH password for email.

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