Outlook is the mail client that is part of the Microsoft Office suite.

The following examples are based on a fictive user account with user name hmuster, first name Hans and last name Muster. Please replace all occurrences in text that you copy with your real email account information. Students must also change inf.ethz.ch to student.ethz.ch.


This example is for Outlook 2016 when you start it for the first time.

step 1Click on Next.

step 2Select Yes and then click on Next.

step 3
Fill in your account information:
  • full name
  • your ETH mail address
  • your ETH password for email (twice)

Then click on Next.

step 1When you see this message, please check Don't ask me about this website again and then click on Allow.

step 1Click on Use another account.

step 1
Fill in the requested information:

  • D\ followed by your ETH user name
  • ETH password for email

Check Remember my credentials and then click OK.

step 1Click on Finish. Outlook is now set up and will load your mailbox.

Have a better example configuration? Are these instructions wrong or outdated? Please let us know.

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