macOS Mail

Mail app is the email client that ships with macOS.

The following examples are based on a fictive user account with user name hmuster, first name Hans and last name Muster. Please replace all occurrences in text that you copy with your real email account information. Students must also change to

Create new mail account

This example is for Mail app on El Capitan when you start it for the first time. There can be some differences if you have newer OS.

step 1Select Exchange and click Click Continue.

step 1aOn a newer OS version you can get this additional question. Click Configure manually.

step 2
Fill in your account information:
  • full name
  • your ETH mail address
  • your ETH password for email
Then click on Sign In.

step 3Ignore the error message and click Continue.

step 4If this dialog pops up then fill in your ETH user name (login) in the User Name field and in Mail Server field. Click Sign In.

step 5Choose the apps to use with this account and click Done.
Mail app is now set up.

External Access

The default configuration is not suitable for reading mail when not within the ETH network. Perform these optional steps to allow reading mail from everywhere.

step 6
Choose Preferences... from the Mail menu and select the Accounts icon. Note that the Internal Server field is grayed out and cannot be changed.

High Sierra and Newer

step 7aClick on Server Settings. Uncheck the Automatically maintain connection settings check box and set Internal Server to

Sierra and El Capitan

step 7Click on Advanced. Uncheck the Automatically detect and maintain account settings check box.

step 8Select the General Icon to save the changes. A dialog will pop up. Click on Save.

step 9Click on the Accounts icon again and then on Advanced. Change the Internal Server to Save the changes as done above by clicking on the General icon.

Have a better example configuration? Are these instructions wrong or outdated? Please let us know.

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